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War is Hell - For Everyone

By Doubleplus30-10-2014

This War of Mine is a war game, but not your typical war game. Instead of being placed in the role of a soldier fighting for your country, you are put in the shoes of citizen just trying to survive while his own country is torn apart by war. You know, citizens. Those things that are usually running around screaming as you go guns blazing into hostile territory? Yeah, one of those things. You must manage a rag-tag group of randomly generated survivors, crafting guns to defend themselves, beds to sleep on, stoves to cook with, or just alcohol to ease the pain.

It’s nice to see more aspects of war being expanded upon. War is a complex concept, more than just “KILL ALL THE TURURISTS SAVE MURICA”. If you are a fan of games like Spec Ops: The Line or Valiant Hearts, you’ll probably be interested in This War of Mine.

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For some reason...this has actually muted a lot of my earlier optimism. I don't know it just feels a bit too...gimmicky