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Time's Up At TimeGate

By Bobfish10-05-2013

Following the concerning news that TimeGate filed for bankruptcy protection, it has come to our attention that the studio, best known for Section 8 and the now non-canon F.E.A.R expansions, has laid off its entire staff compliment. This remains officially unconfirmed and no statement has yet been received from TimeGate themselves, but our colleagues at Kotaku report their sources to be reliable.

We will, of course, keep you updated the moment we know more. For the moment it seems to be only peripherally related to the Colonial Marines (which they co-developed) lawsuit so maturely cast aside as 'frivolous' by Gearbox. It seems far more likely this is tied to ongoing legal complaints by SouthPeak who opposed the Chapter 11 protection filing, pushing for a Chapter 7 liquidation instead. If this is correct, that would explain the closure, so unfortunately the probability is far too convenient to ignore. Our thoughts go out to TimeGate in these troubling times.

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Posts: 123

Agreed, Bobfish. Sad face. :<

Posts: 3290

This is a rough year for the industry in a lot of ways :(

Posts: 1548

This year was stained by THQ's death...at least Metro LL is very good.

Posts: 1317

That sucks. Section 8: Prejudice was a true gem, a really fun game that had some interesting concepts.