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THIS JUST IN: Minecraft Creations Still Impressive

By SavageOcto31-01-2013

If you know anything about Minecraft, the highly popular survival-sandbox-building game, you know that people can make some amazing things in the game. Today's amazing project? The entirety of King's Landing from Game of Thrones from WestorosCraft.

It's actually only a part of a project to recreate all of Westeros. The project is estimated to be 70% completed. What makes the project even more interesting is there's a Phase 2 after Westeros is fully built. Who doesn't like multiple phases? Phase 2 will be using what they've built to "[make] a giant, open world RPG with quests and NPCS." Work on Phase 2, however, is set to complete when Mojang finally releases the official mod API for Minecraft.

If you want to check out the world they've painstakingly built, you can do so by visiting their server by going over to their website.


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Posts: 240

Well, holy bloody shit. Some of the stuff people make on Minecraft never ceases to amaze me.

Posts: 1548

This. Is. Impressive!