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The Revealing Ladies of Resident Evil Revelations

By MrJenssen08-06-2013

Two new trailers for upcoming Resident Evil Revelations DLCs were released a few days ago. Both show off gameplay with two different playable female characters. One of them, Lady Hunk, you can see her above. Conveniently sexualized for players that have a seriously lethal case of Attention-deficit disorder, this female Hunk (fights her way through the huddled masses of of the Amnesia monster's cousins with acrobatic kicks, thrown grenades and a plethora of firearms.

The other video gets even more...Japanese. Here, you have Rachael Foley, attacked by ooze monsters, infected, killed and...now turned into Rachael Ooze. Don't worry, though. Her ridiculous cleavage is intact, and she can still fire a gun. So even if she is now a hideous monster herself, she apparently still fights other monsters - with firearms - and she has physical features that really creepy people can...appreciate in private moments.

Apart from the fact that Resident Evil is clearly no longer a franchise of survival horror games - but instead oversexualized third person shooters - this Rachael Ooze video in particular goes a bit beyond what I personally can allow for my suspension of disbelief. Okay, enough with the negativity. The two characters are offered as separate DLCs, both slated for release on June 11th, and both priced at $3. Though you can not complete the main campaign with them, they are available for the game's Raid mode.

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What the hell Capcom?

I kind of like Lady Hunk's design (even if it, along with her high kicks, make no tactical sense). But the Rachel Ooze video just made me feel...uncomfortable. I like the idea of playing as a monster or even as an agent that becomes a monster but the sexualisation is just unnecessary here. Aaa

That said, NGL, I laughed at the top rated comments on the ooze video.

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Because Capcom

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I spit out my drink at the dramatic music around the 45th second mark. But, seriously, what the fuck?

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Well... thats odd... :D