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Team Shogun 2: Sonic Racing Manager

By SavageOcto20-01-2013

Kart racers have a special place in my gaming heart. Ever since I played Mario Kart 64 I've loved racing games that are considered a contact sport. Sonic And All Stars Racing: Transformed may be my next kart racer, if only because I equally love collaborations.

Sonic Racing (because the acronym SAASR:T looks stupid) puts a bunch of Sonic and other Sega franchise characters into the kart racing formula, with some minor twists. As you go through the tracks your kart will transform from a land, to air, to sea based vehicle while racing around areas giving tribute to the better days of Sega.

While many of the characters you expect are in the game - characters from Sonic, Jet Set Radio, and Panzer Dragoon - there are also some obscure ones. But for us on the PC we're getting some exclusive characters, such as the manager from Football Manager as well as a Daimyo from Total War: Shogun 2. And what PC collaboration wouldn't be complete without some of the characters from Valve's Team Fortress 2? The Heavy, Spy, and Pyro are also in Sonic Racing, each driving one of the 3 different transformations.

Sonic Racing will hit the shelves for PC on January 31st.

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