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Tactical Marines

By Bobfish31-01-2013

Just over two weeks to go and SEGA are teasing us with yet more snippets of goodness for the upcoming Colonial Marines. A multiplayer video this time, which is quite curious actually. Despite the heavy emphasis, this far, on showcasing the story mode, many people have been either eager for, or dismayed by the likely emphasis on multiplayer when it finally hits. Personally, I'd have thought the clear weight of advertising, thus far, being on the singleplayer we would be expecting that to be the focus.

But what the hoo, it's multiplayer this time all the same. And, as the title suggests, it focuses mostly on the tactical advantages of the two opposing factions, as well as showcasing a new type of alien. A rampaging behemoth called the Crusher that reminded me of a cross between a bull and a steamroller with the speed of a horse. Nasty stuff indeed. I'm having panicked flashbacks to that bloody Praetorian in Aliens vs Predator now. They're also, clearly, pushing for an emphasis on tactical team play. Sadly, the latter aspect, as we all know, is going to be all but ignored by most players, but it's nice to know that the option will be there for anyone who finds a decent group. And, you know, I'm not a big one for online, but I'll be picking up the Collector's Edition. Just saying. So come join us in the comments to plan our Pixel Squad tactics.

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The Crusher damn well better be playable!