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Star Citizen First Module Arriving to Backers Soon

By Mokman24-08-2013

It begins. Soon, people of the Earth, the chosen ones amongst us shall receive the bounty of which we have been promised. Star Citizen is upon us, people, and the unbelievers shall be found wanting! Unfortunately, the full Second Coming (or First in this case) is not due to arrive just yet, but it is simply a teaser, a taste of the delectable meal that will be delivered to us. The hangar module will be open to us soon, a little section of the game where we would be allowed to create avatars and stroll about the place, playing with little instruments and pining after the beautifully detailed ships lying about the hangar bay. You'll even be allowed to climb into the ships you own, but unfortunately, not fly them.

Other features would also be added as time passes, with various customization options and so on, and finally, hints have been given that players would be able to fly the ships by the end of the year in controlled situations. Excited? Hell yes I am.

For those who are still uninitiated to Star Citizen, go check out the amazingly anticipated game here.

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