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SoaSE To Get a Forbidden Worlds DLC

By JcDent10-05-2013

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is a standalone expansion pack to Sins of a Solar Empire, a space 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) RTS game. It came out last summer and was a load of fun. And now it will have a DLC, for paltry 5$ boot!

The Forbidden Worlds DLC is to feature new planet types: Barren (a sort of curse word for Endless Space players), Ferrus (probably metallic), Greenhouse (think Catachan) and Ocean (duh, what could that mean?).

All planets can now specialize in one of two ways. Social output means that the citizen spend most of their time doing the dirty and discussing "Vasari privilege" and "Advent cis male guilt" on Space Tumblr - this means population growth and culture spread, but does little to build ships or trade. Coincidentally, that's the other side of the spectrum - the actually useful worlds where actually useful people build ships and conduct trade. I can already see social worlds being relegated to fringes of the Empire while the core is made up of Forgeworlds do all of the heavy lifting.

There are 15 new research subjects (5 per race?) that will let the races expand into the forbidden worlds. Trust me, you want to drop colonists on a death world - at least I do! Especially since there are 40 new planet bonuses to unlock! These were fun in Rebellion, so let's see what the creators come up with now.

And last, and definitely least come new Steam achievements. Yaaay..?

The DLC is stated to be released on June 5th. So mug a furry in the meantime if you lack 5 bucks.

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Posts: 228

SoaSE is as far from EVE as it can get without being Harvest Moon.

Posts: 3290

*Cough* EVE *cough*

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@Kele - you're loosing out. Get it!

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I've never been a space RTS fan and yet every time I see something about SoaSE I want to try it out -.-' This game is just so beautiful :-D