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Sneaking Through The Dark

By Bobfish15-02-2013

A stealth action game with a vampire protagonist. Why has this taken so long to exist? I mean, surely this is the perfect combination for this kind of game. I'm genuinely shocked that it's taken anyone this long to do it. Well, with Dark (snappy title) that's precisely what Kalypso Media are doing. First brought into the light of day at the beginning of last year, they went running, screaming and burning as the sunlight assaulted their undead flesh, until now. Yesterday actually. Because everyone loves a good vampire flick on Valentine's Day amirite?

"Your name is Eric Bane, and yesterday evening, you were still a man. But when you woke up this morning, you felt incredibly powerful and thirsty – a thirst for blood. As a new-born vampire, you will soon discover even the world of vampires is a place of deceit and intrigue. In the course of your investigations, you will end up between the minions of a powerful vampire lord, mankind security forces and the secretive M17 special unit, which only goal is to hunt down and kill vampires for good."

It sounds like pretty standard stuff, I'll grant you. But have a look through the trailer, which showcases what appears to be some fairly solid hiding and fighting mechanics. I see a pretty clear indication that this is going to be a wait and hide, then perform a takedown kind of thing. As well as a, for once, in game ability to see through walls. 'Cause, vampires you know? They can do all vampirey things. If I seem a little unsure, it's because I am. I can see potential here, in both setting and gameplay, but I've seen that before. So I advise a wait and see for the time being. We'll bring you more as we learn it. Until then, stalk your way down to the comments and let us know what you think.


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You and me both poppet, you and me both

Posts: 123

I need this because of reasons.

It also really reminds me of Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines, right down to elements of the sound design. Looking forward to this. :]

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It has the potential to be a good game... has. But oh man, dont fuck it up...