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Skullgirls to Get Full PC Port

By Mokman02-02-2013

Interesting indie 2D fighting game Skullgirls features hand drawn characters battling each other through a competitive gameplay system - a highly lauded game that has been making its rounds amongst the various consoles. And now it seems that it is headed to the PC, in a move that is shockingly well-thought out and wise. Working with Marvelous AQL, Autumn Games, the developer of Skullgirls, has recently signed an agreement with it to fund and publish a PC version of Skullgirls and will begin work shortly.

What I love most about this announcement is this simple quote:

"We presented Marvelous with two options: a relatively quick port that would mirror the feature set of the console releases, and a slower port with expanded multiplayer functionality such as lobbies. Marvelous AQL has graciously opted for the second option."

As a PC gamer constantly let down by ill-implemented ports, this statement is akin to a ray of light amidst the darkness, a little piece of hope that publishers are finally slowly able to understand the importance of the PC platform, and how to treat its customers right.

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