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Resident Evil: Revelations Coming to PC

By Leigh Cobb23-01-2013

Capcom have announced that Resident Evil: Revelations, the 3DS game, will be making its way to the PC as well as home consoles on the 24th May. Bringing it with it survival horror, improved graphics and improved lighting.

Capcom have also supplied screenshots and an announcement trailer to get you in the mood for some port based horror. Or as close to horror as the Resident Evil franchise can muster these days anyway. Capcom's announcement also gives word of several more additions for this version of the game.

"This new version also adds a new enemy, a new harder difficulty, new Raid weapons and new Custom Parts that make your weapons even more formidable - handy in those harder Raid maps!"

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Posts: 1548

Don't know why but it ring RE4 all over again. Maybe not so bad but still...

Posts: 67

I haven't got too much faith on this one. It should be priced at around 20-30 dollars, considering that porting costs shouldn't be that high. Games like Alan wake have been extremely successful given it's fair pricing, I can't see Capcom suceeding with this one.

Posts: 3290

I'm thinking this will be more likely to be a download title somehow

Posts: 237

Yeah, will have a 50 dollar price tag.. no thanks...