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Potatoman Trailer is Batshit Insane

By Mokman23-12-2012

2D platform game “Potatoman Seeks the Troof” has recently been released, basically a game about potatoes starring what seems to be a sentient four-limbed spud running and jumping around mario-style. However, which its launch, came this strange offering - the trailer. All I can say is... wow. This definitely goes to the deep end of the weird scale.

For a live-action trailer it is pretty well done, much more than it has to be for a simple 2D indie platformer such as this. Featuring a farmer claiming to be what seems to be the father of Potatoman, and a multitude of potatoes, it proceeds to blow your mind with a mix of indecipherable speech and weird concepts. If this has somehow interested you enough to make you buy the game, it can be purchased here for just three dollars. Me? I'll be off to see my therapist now, thank you very much.


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I...just...who...Susan...when...what the hell did I just watch?

And where do I find more?!

Shut up and take my money!

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Hah, reminds me of Custers revenge :P