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Plan Your Conquest of Rome II

By Bis18marck7013-07-2013

Itching to get out there and show those barbaric Romans a lesson? Yeah, that's what I thought. Let's show those arrogant hedonists what happens when you stray into the Teutoburg Forest. But before the actual onslaught happens, a sound strategy must be devised. That's where Rome II's latest Twitter announcement comes into play.

Plan your conquests on the new Total War: Rome II interactive map and find the ultimate strategy when it comes to subjugating Europe, the Crimera, the Baltic Lands, The Middle East and North Africa.

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Posts: 1548

Still haven't played a lot of Shogun 2 but my fond memories of the first Rome keep me tingling every time I see anything Rome 2 related.

Posts: 3290

Have you checked out some of the panoramas? They cover only one battle map, and those are freaking enormous on their own. Hills, plains, beaches, mountains and ocean all on one map in some cases

Posts: 6

Probably my most anticipated game, from the videos released the campaign map looks huge and has a hell of a lot of variety. Very exciting :D