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Pitching a Square Tent

By Bobfish17-02-2015

Squeenix have done something crazy again. Only this time, it's the good kind of crazy. Several older IPs, that have languished in obscurity for far, far too long, have been making waves today. Because Square have opened three Eidos licenses to allow developers to pitch sequels. The games in question being Gex, Fear Effect and, more importantly to us, Anachronox.

Now, that's not to say that we ignore the first two, because they're both damn good series'. Fear Effect being one of my personal favourites. But they're also both more traditionally associated with the console plebs. Yes yes, I know Gex is on the PC, don't worry, I do my research. But you see my point. Having said that though, this could well be the beginning of something wonderful. I can't be the only one to notice a lot of console exclusives are making their way to Steam these days. And hey, if all three get sequels, maybe the new and old entries in the series' will make the jump too.

That would be awesome!

Best of all is that these IPs are, literally, open to anyone. Alls you gotta' do is convince ole Squeenix that you not only have a great idea, but can then back it up by actually making it. The latter part being the more tricky of the two. With the Square Collective thingybob (crowdfunding) system they now have, the financial investment isn't as large an issue. And Square are even saying most of the profits will go to the dev too, nice touch. But you're still going to have to be able to, y'know, make a game as well. So bear that in mind.

Best of all, they're saying this is only the first batch of IPs, which is probably why they're smaller, more obscure and, thus, less popular titles. So based on how well these do, there's a good chance of other, much better known franchises coming up for grabs.

So basically, guys, don't screw this up!

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