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Only You Can Protect Your Allies Tank Battalion

By zethalee30-04-2014

In a recently released trailer, Reto-Moto, developer of WWII MMOFPS Heroes and Generals, are showing that while tanks may spearhead an offensive, every army still needs infantry to accomplish objectives.  Whether that involves counter-infantry operations via sniping and reconnaissance, dogfighting in the skies above as a fighter pilot, bombing ground targets to allow your forces to advance, or simply supplying your army with reinforcements and heavy armor as a general, a war has many fronts, and all roles need to be filled.

Heroes and Generals itself is a two-fold game; on one hand, you start off slugging it out on the streets with opposing Axis or Allied forces, depending on the side you choose, capturing points and advancing the battle lines. On a grander scale, generals move around “assault teams,” which are groups of supplies in the form of armored vehicles, aircraft, or men on the ground. In a sense, it can be compared to large-scale shooter like Planetside 2, though you can't freely traverse the entirety of Europe.

After the Axis or Allies win the war, soldier progression is saved, along with any resources (to be used in buying more weapons/soldiers) you accumulated along the way.  With the game in constant development, any aspiring armchair general may want to keep an eye out for further developments.

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