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No Goblin Gobbling Tropes

By BloodyFanGirl16-07-2013

Harmonix veteran and game designer Dan Teasdale has founded a new indie studio called No Goblin. Dan Teasdale serves as the studio's CEO and Creative Director alongside the enigmatic "Panzer" who works as the company's senior designer and artist.

The new studio's goal is to become "the leading developer of original mechanic-driven video games." No Goblin says that it wants to focus its efforts on creating new IPs and avoiding already well-trodden territory such as fantasy and sci-fi.

No Goblin's first game is set to launch early next year on PC and PS4. And that's all we know about it so far. However the studio has offered one small tid-bit beyond release details. Apparently it will be "a game with no guns, bows, lasers, laserbows or bowguns."


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The expression on his face makes it look more like a euphemistic throne...

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The indie iron throne is No Goblin's and they shall take it! Or something.