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No Early Access Left Behind

By ElderCub29-07-2015

In the wacky world of Mastertronic and Subaltern Games, pineapples attend school. No, no. You heard me right, pineapples. So, as the principal of such a fruity school, what do you do? Make money of course! When wizard comes to your school and turns the majority of your students to tropic goodness, money is surely the only thing on your mind. In the game you will manage your school, teachers, and students. To make the most of this time, you'll of course be trying to turn your human students to pineapples, and ensuring the opposite doesn't happen. After all, pineapples are simple, the get good grades. Humans are complex and have other things on their mind, and of course we know good grades make money.

No Pineapple Left Behind is currently in open alpha with a price range of free with an optional donation right here on Mastertronic's website, where donating $5 or more will place your name in the game as a supporter. They're very open to suggestion and feedback for the game, and it's quite a welcome surprise that they've even placed a function in the game to do exactly that. I spent a little time with the alpha myself and enjoyed its quirkiness. So I invite you to turn children into pineapple-y goodness, 'cause who wouldn't?

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