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Neocolonialism - Capitalist Villainy DEFCON-Style

By Mokman10-01-2013

Independent developer Seth Alter has recently announced his upcoming game, Neocolonialism, placing up a Kickstarter page in order to gather funding for the game. At a quick glance, it seems to be in the style of DEFCON, except instead of pushing about armies, players "buy votes, make free trade agreements, manipulate the IMF, extract wealth, ruin everything." Pushing your role as hyper-capitalist scumbags bent on ruining the world in order to gain from the profits, the political message behind the game is anything but subtle. Yet the gameplay promises to be incredibly so, stating it would be a game with "strategic depth and with real-world, socially constructive implications."

A free alpha demo is available and despite its rough edges, it is still capable of playing out a full game, including even AI and multiplayer. More updates would arrive at the Kickstarter page in the following months, and we'll be following the progress of this game, as should you. Expect to hear more about this game soon enough.

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