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Meet Ze Surgeon Fortress 2013

By NAG3LT23-06-2013

One of the games that came out of the Global Game Jam 2013 was a funny game, allowing gamers to "experience" one of the hardest medical professions – Surgeon Simulator 2013. The game was received very well by the internet community and a lot of jokes were comparing the surgeon player character with the homicidal Medic from TF2. Those jokes have now became a reality – Valve has allowed Bossa Studio to add Medic and Heavy into their game, together with surgery weapons and the iconic TF2 music. So now it is your turn to do der übersugery and make Heavy the unstoppable battle machine (or kill him many many times).

P.S. There is even Oculus Rift support now for the most immersive surgical experiments.

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