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Limbo Up...I think?

By Bobfish15-02-2013

Jeppe Carlson, best known for being the lead gameplay designer on the Indie hit Limbo, has released a game all of his very own. The cryptically titled 140 has been eating up much of his spare time, it seems, for a couple of years at least. Seriously, how dedicated do you have to be to work your arse off making games all day long, then go home to make another one as a hobby?! Well, this dedicated apparently. And an odd little game it is. A side scrolling platformer with all the complexity of a piece of paper, but the depth of the musings of the great Confucius himself.

"The game plays like an old school platformer: D-pad for moving left and right, and a jump button, The challenge lies in syncing up your moves and jumps to the music-controlled elements. The soundtrack evolves in each level as you progress, introducing new elements for you to tackle, and ultimately leads to intense rhythm-based boss fights. The shapes of the main character is just a visual representation of its movements."

It's already making some noise in the Indie community, having been nominated for an IGF due to Excellence in Audio and has received an honourable mention in Technical Excellence to boot. If you have only sixty seconds of your time to spare, watch the video and you'll immediately see why. But bear in mind, it hasn't even been released yet. In fact, Mister Carlson is still unsure if it will be released before the end of this year. Which reminds me, fear not, none of this is affecting the work he's doing on PlayDead's super awesome top secret...whatever it will be. Like I said, dedicated. So how about keep an eye on this one and showing us some dedication in the comments below?


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