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In Defiance Of Haters

By Kelevandos10-05-2013

Now that is some healthy approach! In the latest blog post, Defiance's executive producer Nathan Richardsson talks about the reactions to the game, the way devs perceive them and some plans for the future, including the upcoming DLC pack, first of 5 planned for this year, and the chance for some player characters to appear in the SyFy show.

Defiance has been out for over a month now, getting varied feedback. Some love it, some hate it, some meh on it and the developers keep doing their job, fixing bugs and introducing new content. In the upcoming DLC, nicknamed Enter the Castithan "until the marketing comes up with something better", players will get to try out Siege open world mode, a new Monolith Major Arkfall, a new playable race, two new weapon types, new Battle Arenas and mooore loot.

The interesting thing is how Trion deals with the topic of DLC. They are divided into three content sections – Free, Paid and Store. Store is obvious, just new items and features there. Free component will quite much allow the player to experience everything in the DLC, but with some limitations. An example – you will be able to join your friends in the new Battle Arenas, but while they gather all the DLC exclusive loot, you will be awarded the thingies you have access to. This way, the Paid section gives you the full scale content, while not isolating your friends who do not decide to buy it. Such a solution seems quite cool and also allows you to "test" the new things before purchasing. Good move there, Trion.

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Posts: 228

To be fair, you can't have RapeBunny420 just appearing on the show! An really, this is SyFy we're talking about, they probably have enough problems with writing the existing characters!

Posts: 123

Good Guy Trion.

I'm also intrigued the attempt to make Defiance a transmedia IP. It has the potential to be hugely successful (Pokemon is the most obvious example of a transmedia success, still being popular today). It seems kinda cool that player characters could appear on the tv show though their execution of this could be terrible.

Posts: 596

Considering they made a big deal about the connection between the TV show and the MMO, simply having a "CHANCE" for "SOME" player characters to "APPEAR" in the TV show is not only very vague, it also is a lot less than what the entire promotion for the TV show and game has been...