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Heroes: Reborn TV Show Spawns Game Tie-ins

By ElderCub14-07-2015

Save the Cheerleader, save the world. It’s that simple. Well, it used to be. Heroes was a show dating only a few years back revolving in around an X-men style of superpower development. Being the next stage in evolution and while they largely operated in secrecy, the concept of super powered evolution was feared. Organisations were formed to both exploit and subdue any potential threat to the public. Heroes ran for 4 seasons, and finally we get more with the telling of Heroes: Reborn. Featuring many of the same faces, Reborn will be presented in a 13 episode Mini-series format. Futher on to gaming news, Reborn will also be accompanied by two games; Gemini, for PC/Mac/Consoles, and Enigma, for smartphones and tablets.

Gemini is a first person adventure and will follow Cassandra, a recently evolved woman who is determined to solve the mysteries of her past in a dangerous world. Enigma conversely will follow Dahlia, a highly evolved human, in a first person action puzzle game where she attempts to escape a government facility known as The Quarry. Gemini and Enigma will feature two stories from Tim Kring himself, the mind behind Heroes. The games don’t force you to play both to understand them, but will offer a more complete experience when paired with the other, and with the show by featuring multiple recurring characters, and plot points through their stories. There is currently no release date for the games, but Heroes: Reborn will premiere on Thursday, September 24th.

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How long until this is cancelled for the third time?