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GC: Everybody Rapture's Gone To The PS4

By acharris7726-08-2013

A disappointing announcement was made at GamesCom 2013, informing us PC gamers that The Chinese Room's great looking game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is not getting a PC release. Instead the company decided to make a deal to make the game a PS4 only exclusive with the reason stated that "It simply couldn't be done any other way."

Apparently there is not enough money or expertise available to make this game without help. This comes as a blow as many gamers were looking forward to this new game from the writer of Dear Esther but he did say that they are in for a long game, and that there still might be a possibility of a return to porting for the PC.

So there we are it looks like us PC gamers are again going to lose out to the great console only war. So what do you lot think? Do you think that we will see a PC release within 6 months of the PS4 release or not?

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Such a shame.

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Trust me to hear about this just as it's being, effectively,. cancelled :(

As in, I'm not getting a POS4, so it might as well it exist in my world