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First Person Parkour returns in Downward

By WskOsc12-05-2015

Downward News Header

What is Downward? You might ask. Well I'm glad you did because the official website does a fantastic job of explaining. To summarize, Downward is a “scenery parkour-based open world game set in the middle ages” now that's a mouthful! Developers Caracal Games say the game takes place after the events depicted in the Book Of Revelation which some of you may recognise as being written by St. John when he was an old man and prisoner of Rome – interesting choice for a Rome based indie game studio.

In the past first-person parkour games have been received rather well, Mirror's Edge is held in high regard and gamers have been mostly starved for a proper running around on things game for the past several years. If Downward delivers on its promise of mystery, awe-inspiring landscapes and esoteric architectures it sounds like it could be an exciting romp through the past. Now where have we heard that before?

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