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Dungeons 2 is More Dungeony

By drcoolio34520-08-2014

Dungeons is back with what else but more, well, dungeons, bringing with it the trademark humor and dark fantasy elements of the series.

For those of you unfamiliar, Kalypso's Dungeons isn't about Dungeons as much as it is about management of them. You as the player take on the role of the Dark Lord, and you wouldn't be a very good Dark Lord if you didn't create Dungeons, fill them with incompetent minions, and burn a few villages to the ground while you're playing.

While the first game was strictly a management game, Dungeons 2 is seeking to be more than that with 1/2 the game being a real time strategy game whenever you go to the overworld to raze a few towns while the other half remains as a management game based on foiling adventurers and doing your Dark Lord duties.

You can look forward to slapping around minions, thwarting adventurers, and salting lands sometime in 2015 on the PC.

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