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Dragon Quest Heroes Probably Coming to PC

By WskOsc13-11-2015

No, you're not having a stroke, unless it's induced by the sheer giddy happiness of this news. Right now there's not much to say, some eagle-eyed users spotted the above image in one of those Steam pop-up windows that Steam uses to show off what's new and upcoming on the store. It seems to imply that Dragon Quest Heroes is coming to the PC, and with the console release just a month behind us it's very exciting news.

The PC hasn't had a Dragon Quest game before but Heroes isn't a traditional JRPG, it's a Dynasty Warriors style romp with heroes from all over the series battling enemies and monsters in huge army sized battles. If you've played Hyrule Warriors or Dynasty Warriors before then you've got a pretty solid idea of what to expect.

As of this writing, we can't confirm a PC release and we've done a little digging to try and get a bit more info but come up empty so, as always, take the news with a hearty pinch of salt until more concrete information surfaces. The announcement image above has been pulled from Steam but we'll keep you updated on any developments.

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