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Downward and Onward

By Doubleplus28-05-2015

Usually when I hear “biblical” and “parkour” in a description of a game, it's usually seems to be for Assassin’s Creed.However, in this case, its for Downward, a game set in the middle ages after the events of the Book of Revelations, where you play as a wanderer, exploring the ruins of a medieval world demolished by Biblical Armageddon. Shown in the trailer is in-game alpha footage, depicting the sort of parkour that is planned for the game and hopefully manages to pull it off. Parkour in games in general is a hard to pull off, but incredibly satisfying when a game does it right. Its hard to describe the fluid feeling of moment one gets from playing Mirror’s Edge and Dying Light, but it's a one I wholeheartedly enjoy.

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